Because Time, Apparently, Flies. | Portland Wedding Photographer

Can you believe we're halfway through December already?

Seriously - where did September and October go? They must have scuttled past with their sunny afternoons and costume parties while my back was turned. November disappeared while I was looking the other way, too -- and now December is whirring by, headed straight into the thick of the holidays.

It's all just such a blur. A happy blur, but a blur nonetheless.

This year seems to have flown by at an alarming pace. I don't want my life to speed by, piling up behind me like a growing heap of checked-off to-do lists. I want to savor and remember my experiences. I want to be present, observing and experiencing my life as it happens, rather than throwing on the blinders and tunnel-visioning my way through the next fifty things I need to do. But it's a challenge, learning to slow down and see things when we're taught to hurry up and go already.

I know I'm not alone; many of us have a tendency to pile things on, multitask too frequently, and forget to notice the moments as each one arrives. And between all the minutiae of daily living, projects, and responsibilities, it requires some real effort to break the habit of autopiloting through life, and reconnect to the raw experience of living our beautiful lives.

So I'm making a commitment. Starting now, I'm going to make an effort to slow time down by being present in it and capturing my experiences as much as possible. I'm going to take more walks. I'm going to work on one thing at a time. I'm going to work on keeping my studio clear of distracting clutter. I'm going to meditate, take time out to do nothing, and limit the number of tabs open on my web browser.

And I'm going to take more photographs of my own life.

Photography isn't just a perfect medium for paying close attention to the world around me; it's also a way I can capture and express what I see and feel. And hanging photographs of my loved ones and my life where I can see them everyday activates my appreciation reflex.

I have a rich and varied life, full of love and laughter and warmth. When I am awake to this richness, I am happy beyond my own wildest dreams. Having tangible reminders of this wonderful life hanging all over the house will help root me in mindfulness of how amazing my life is.

And maybe, on those busy days when the effort for mindfulness has slipped to the back burner, they will be just the reminder I need to turn off that autopilot and wake up to my life again.

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And as always, thanks for reading this far. You're great.


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