2 Things I Adore | Portland Wedding Photographer

I'm one of those lucky girls who have totally incredible people for a brother and sister.  Jeremy and Caroline aren't just the boy and girl who shared my childhood with me -- they've grown up and evolved into beautiful, funny, creative, smart, kind people and I feel lucky just to know them, let alone be their big sister.  I feel sincerely blessed that we three are the wardens of each others' memories from yesterday, and one another's champions and friends today. I also love Portland to little. Portland. pieces.  I moved up here in 2004 after growing up in the Bay Area, and although I love going back to visit those rolling golden hills and live oaks, I know I'll never return there for good.  I just fell in love with Portland hook, line and sinker six years ago, and once you've gone PDX, you can never go back.

So I was thrilled to have my brother come visit for a few days over the weekend, because I get two of my favorite things: my awesome brother in my awesome city.

One of the best things about having an awesome brother is that you don't need to go out and see the sights to have a good time; some of our best conversations happened when we were sitting around the house in pajamas, drinking coffee and hanging out.  But I wanted J. to get to see some pieces of Portland he's missed out on before, so we did a little exploring while he was here, out in the Columbia Gorge and the woods of Mount Tabor in Southeast Portland.

I brought my camera, naturally.