Blog Feature! Making Wedding Photography Greener, on the Environmental Blog!

The Environmental Blog Feature - Green Wedding Photography Portland Oregon Last week I was delighted to be featured on The Environmental Blog!  John Tarantino is a local environmental blogger extraordinaire, addressing global green issues as well as a focus on sustainability issues in Portland, Oregon.   It's an honor to be included, and I'm excited to be connecting with some of the thought-leaders on environmental issues in our community.

Check out the blog post here under Green Tips: Making Wedding Photography Greener in Portland, Oregon

Oh, and folks - there are just a couple more days to contribute your ideas to my giving list!  If you haven't spoken up yet about a cause close to your own heart, please pop over to this post and comment with your thoughts!  I'll announce the final selection(s) this Friday, December 3rd.

Can you believe it's already December in a whole minute?