Portland Wedding Inspiration on the Stove!

One of the exciting things about being a wedding photographer in my beloved city of Portland, Oregon is getting to know some extremely creative couples who bring their own brand of Portland quirkiness and originality to the wedding table. From custom pint glasses to band posters and record labels, Portlanders know how to bring their own funny, musical, bike-lovin', tree-happy, sustainable, stylish, crafty selves to their weddings, and make them truly one-of-a-kind. I'm always overjoyed to call this lush big town my home, but never more so than when I'm surrounded by like-minded creatives gettin' all DIY up in here. For the next few weeks, I'll be working on a special project to feature some of the coolest personal touches I've seen at weddings this year, and I'll also be putting together an inspiration shoot with my own ideas for ways to make a wedding truly Portland, my way. If you're nurturing an idea and would like to participate, let me know and we might be able to work it out together!

For now, here's one quick slurp of a preview, straight from Kat + Courtney's wedding (full blog post coming soon).