kat + courtney's wedding in hood river (full post)

Kat and I became friends in the very first days of my wedding photography adventures.  She reached out to me on behalf of WedPortland, Portland's preeminent sustainable wedding consulting business.  I have an unrelenting personal focus on sustainability in my business practices, so we clicked right away and began scheming ways we could work together. Kat is down to earth, funny, playful, and just an all-around amazing person, and plus, this woman knows weddings, so I knew hers would be an absolute blast!  So I was excited to photograph her wedding when she married Courtney at a vacation home on the Columbia River in Hood River in September.  I should have guessed that Courtney would turn out to be every bit as cool as Kat.  This late-summer wedding was everything you want a wedding to be: fun, teary, sun-drenched, romantic, and just overflowing with love.

The word "fun" keeps bubbling back up as I try to sum up the day, because the couple and their entire wedding party were incredibly playful and excited about taking fun photographs.  The see-saw on the property set the stage for a rambunctious photo session, I guess.  :)  Kat and Courtney are both passionate Ultimate Frisbee players, so the group banded together to stage shots of Kat diving for a Frisbee, which turned out to be more of a creative team effort than planned.  And I know that every wedding has some wild dancers at the end of the night, but this crowd was especially crazy and fun.  I wish I could have stayed all night; I heard it got even better after I left.

Thank you, Kat and Courtney, for inviting me to witness your wonderful wedding.

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Hood River Oregon Wedding



Portland Ultimate Frisbee Wedding

Hood River Wedding

Hood River Oregon Wedding