John + Shannon - A Beloved Session - Portland Oregon

I recently had the amazing fortune to stumble across the Beloved movement, a unique new take on couples' photography (engagement sessions, anniversary sessions, attraction sessions, bridal portraiture sessions... you name it). The Beloved Movement is based on Jesh De Rox's philosophy that rather than attempting to create a simulated appearance of happiness and love in a photo session, it's possible (and wonderful!) to intentionally create a space for a couple to step into an authentic experience together.   With the right intent and trust, it's even possible for there to be an elevating, transformative experience of reconnection and authentic love that lasts long after the photo session is over.  There's a lot more to it and I'll blog about the Beloved philosophy soon (it's completely transformed the way I approach sessions) but in the meantime, I want to share a handful of photos from my first Beloved session.

John and Shannon were my wonderful Beloved firsts, and I thank them for putting their trust in me and stepping into the experience together.  The yellow maple leaves on Mount Tabor were beautiful in Portland's rainy morning light, but it was John and Shannon who made the day unforgettable by entering into the Beloved space with me.  Thanks, J+S.

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