sarah + denise I boring, or I september 19, 2010

Sarah and Denise got married on Sunday afternoon in an intimate gathering at Sarah's family farm in Boring, Oregon.  Their love is palpable -- it's big and sweet and joyously giddy, and it was a delight to watch these two wed.  Their ceremony was officiated by a friend, and the day was peppered with funny and sweet moments. One of my favorite moments was Sarah + Denise's first look at each other from across the railed corridors; after seeing each other for a second from across the open space they just rushed to each other with such happiness; it was infectious.

Another great moment was the blessing reading during the ceremony; seven of their guests read blessings aloud, and almost all of them flubbed the reading somehow, causing ripples of laughter throughout the room.

It was also fun photographing Sarah + Denise playfully measuring their heights against the kitchen wall in the farmhouse, where generations of children have had their heights recorded.

But I think my absolute favorite moment of the day was the laughter that erupted when Sarah accidentally bit down on Denise's finger during the cupcake-cutting ceremony.

Yes, she drew blood.

Sarah + Denise, may you live happily ever after.

I've included a small handful of photos here, but be sure to go to the bottom of the post and check out the slideshow!