robert & michelle I oregon city, or I august 28, 2010

Robert and Michelle are proof that I attract the most amazing clients on the planet.  They're fun, romantic, spontaneous, and TOTALLY into each other.  We went on an adventure together in the Colombia Gorge earlier this year to take their engagement photos, meandering from Vista House all the way out to Multnomah Falls before hopping on the highway back to Portland.  In the months since that shoot, I've become insanely fond of Robert and Michelle, keeping tabs on their wedding plans, hectic schedules, and life in general (thanks to Facebook), and touring Weatherford's Grand Lodge in Oregon City with them a couple of months before the wedding.  So when the big day finally rolled around, I felt like I was going to my friends' wedding.  I was giddy to witness their celebration, and it was everything I knew it would be: a lovefest, replete with sassy personalities, funny moments, and sweet old fashioned-romance.

Check out the slideshow from their wedding at the bottom of the post!

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