A little about me & my approach...

When I'm not teaching women how to love themselves, I'm shooting soulful, real portraits of people and families. And when I'm not doing either of those things, you'll find me hanging out with my loved ones, making beautiful food, snuggling with my furry kids, or hiking the trails of Mt. Tabor near my home in Portland, Oregon. 

I love the humanity that passes before my lens. I love how beautiful every person is, in his or her own unique-snowflake way. Photographing people connects me to deep a sense of wonder at life and the universe. I am so lucky that my 'work' is a joyful experiment in capturing the humor, soulfulness, and exquisite imperfect-perfection of humanity.

I used to have a professional headshot here; now I have a raw, unpolished selfie. Here's why: I took this photo right after a photo session, because I decided I had to capture how authentically lit-up I am by this work. Photographing people bring me so much joy that sometimes I just can't stop smiling -- especially if the light's been good to us. ;)


Jen Hecht-1.jpg